Special Thanks to our 2022 Top Fundraisers!


Team Buck | $60,020
In memory of Dan Buckiewicz & Joyce Novotny 

Team Luke | $44,419
In memory of Luke Bautista 

Max's Mitzvah Movers | $18,397
In honor of Sam Prince 

Maeve The Brave | $17,010
In memory of Maeve Behan 

Tyler's Tight Lines | $13,100
In memory of Tyler Rodimer

Team Hailey | $12,286
In memory of Hailey Palumbo 

Team Andrew | $12,132
In memory of Andrew Jova

Team Courtney | $12,090
In memory of Courtney Dayback

Team MTF | $8,965
In honor of all tissue donors 

Team Liberty | $8,585
In celebration of the donation & transplantation community


Jane Buckiewicz | $51,010
Team Buck

Christopher Bautista | $15,326
Team Luke

Matt Bautista | $15,100
Team Luke

Debbie Prince | $15,049
Max's Mitzvah Movers 

Dennis Dayback | $11,660
Team Courtney 

Jen Jova | $10,742
Team Andrew 

Janet Palumbo | $6,866
Team Hailey

Marzena Konoiuk | $6,410
Team MTF

Lorie Rodimer | $5,475
Tyler's Tight Lines

Debra Harmon | $5,245
Team JJH

Thank you to ALL of our teams... Your stories inspire many, and your support makes so much possible


Team Buck

$40,000 - $59,999

Team Luke

$10,000 - $39,999

Team Andrew
Team Courtney
Team Hailey
Maeve The Brave
Max's Mitzvah Movers
Tyler's Tight Lines

$5,000 - $9,999

The Beat Lives On
Billy Romanello's Team
Team JJH
Just Do It in Celebration of Joe D'Addio
Team Liberty
Linda's Lovees
Team Mattman FDJC
Team MTF
Second Chance

$2,500 - $4,999

Andrew's Angels
Biff's Gifts
Caitlin Gives
Team Dorothea
HHS Donate Life Club
Hope Wolf
Team Infineum
Team Jason
Jay Birds
Jayla's Journey
Team Joe Joe
Live Life, Give Life
Marino Makes Miracles
Miles for Maddie and Dedication to Dan
Team NJ Sharing Network
The Organ-izers
Panda Runners
Run for Your Life
Running on Sunshine
Team Scozzafava Honors Talisa
Team Stevie B and Karen Lee
Team Wayne G

$1,000 - $2,499

Angels Among Us
Team Anthony Palaia
AWR Running Rams
Boomers & Zoomers
Brave Gage's Superheroes
Team Charlie's Angels
Cindy's Amazing Grace
Cindy's Six
Team Connor
CPG #7
Team Darma
David's Flock
Team DeLeo: Christel's Light
Team Don
Donation Nation
Team Donna Jean
Eileen's Transplant Trotters
Team Eric
Team Gearty
Gotta Have Hart
Heart to Heart ww
Team Hope
" I am DROZD! "
Team Iggy's
Jane's Cardinals
Team Jessica
Team Johnny
Team Jonathon
Team JoyBellesLove
Team JSAV33
Keeping the Faith
Lady in Red
Live Like BJ & Diane's Doers
Team LJM
Team Lung Distance
Martial Arts for Life
NBI Transplant Team
Paully's Heavy Metal Hearts
Pie of the Tiger CMS
Ray of Light
Team RB
Reggie's Giants
Rod Templon's Runners
Team Susie
Team T-bones Crew
Tim's Rangers
W.W.G.D? (What Would Guy Do?)
Team Will Ganter
You only need one

$500 - $999

Bill's Blessed Believers
Team Bob
Bob's Brigade
Breathin' Ezy
The Bull Dogs of Organ & Tissue Donation
Team Cejnowski
Diane's Froggy Crew
Heart & Sole
Hearts for Emma
Team Jackal
Jellybean's Rainbow Walks with Mickey
Team JFK
Team JT
Law & Order
Team Medtronic
MHS Donate Life Club
Missy's Miracle
Team Mulgaonkar Transplant
Obi Wan Dave Nobi
One Love for Brian Bernstein
Operation Jimbo
Operation Share
Piscataway Donate Life Club
Relentless Runners 2022
Team Rey Rey
Robert's Crew
Shamrocks for Marc
Smilin' Dan
Team Sorrentino
Team Sweet Hearts
Team transplant
Team Trish
Two Blessings
We Beat As One
Wickkiser Strong
The Ziem Team

$250 - $499

Team A. Williams
Betsy's Dash
Brian's Bunch
Connolly Crusaders / WH Connolly& Co
DaVita Stars
Donor Team RWJBH
Team DQ
Each One Reach One
Team Fes
Hackensack Organ Transplant Team
Hunterdon Heart Throbs
ICU Crew
Team Jack
Jerry's Buddies
Team Jimbo72
Lana's Legacy
Lily's Laces
Team Live Like David
Mind Over Miles
MSC Critical Care Code Runners
R 5
Racin' for Mason
The Rhat Pack
Riverview Medical Center
Rob's Team
Rock's Rebels
Simon Says...
Team Slick Nick
Smooth Operators
Tina Runs On Spare Parts
Team Tink
Team Tinman
Team Tom Tom
Valley Life Savers
Team Vozza

Up to $250

50 Ways to Leave Your Liver
Aldrich Primary Care
All for a Squeeze
Team Beanbo
Bobby's Rockers
The Brucie Bunch
Chilton PACU road runners
Christian's Goobies
Core Crusaders
Count the Clouds
Dana's Liver Lizards
DaVita Plainfield
Freddie's Angels
Fuzzy Peaches
Going for Gary Jr
Team Greta
Gus' Grateful Gang
Team HMH
Irish Brigade
Johnny did Goode
Kidney Beans
Team Kidney Beans
Team KVB
Linda's Home Team
Live like Lid
Team Meadowlands
Team Meola
Team Meyer & Depew
Monmouth Integrative Counseling
Ocean Place Resort & Spa
Peapack-Gladstone Bank
Team Pfizer
Pierce Family
Team Pop Joe
Really Really Fast Runners
Team Rebecca
Rod Templons Runners
Team Sarah 5
Sharquiesha Shawty
Some Assembly Required
Stop For Nikhil
Team Todd
Union ER
Team Universal
Team Vecchio
Team Victory
Team Vigeland
Villa Americas
Village Super Market
Walking Cyn
Wellness for All

*Totals reflect team fundraising for the 2022 campaign in alphabetical order by category.
Amounts do not include event sponsorships.