Matching Gifts

What is an employer Matching Gift?

Many companies set aside special funds each year to match contributions their employees make to qualified non-profit organizations, such as the Sharing Network Foundation. Most often, the companies match contributions dollar for dollar, but matches can vary. To find out if your company will match your contribution to our Foundation, please enter your employer's name below and hit search.

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What do I need to do to get my gift matched?

The employee must initiate the matching gift process. This usually means contacting your employer or former employer to obtain the proper form, completing the form and mailing it to the Foundation as soon as possible. The Foundation verifies that the contribution was received and that it qualifies for a match. Then the Foundation will send the form to your employer for verification. If all of your company’s matching gift guidelines are met, they will issue the matching funds!

What is the Sharing Network Foundation’s EIN?

The Sharing Network Foundation’s EIN is 20-2737719. Most companies will ask for this number on their matching gift forms.

After I submit a matching gift form, will all future contributions be matched?

No, unfortunately this is a common misconception. You must submit a matching gift form with EACH contribution.

Must I be a full-time active employee to have my contributions matched?

Most companies match gifts from part time employees and retirees, too. Some companies match gifts from spouses, as well as matching volunteer hours.

Is there a time limit on eligibility to get your contribution to the Sharing Network Foundation matched?

All forms must be completed and returned within a set time period, usually within 90 days. We recommend that you submit your form to the Foundation at the same time you make your contribution or shortly after.

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