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Caregivers of Transplant Recipients

Caregivers play a very special role in the transplant process. They provide both physical and emotional support to their loved one before, during and post-transplant. To help ensure transplant recipients have a successful transplant, it’s important for them to have caregivers who provide quality care and support throughout their transplant journey.

Please know you are not alone - we are here to support you during this important time. 

"Without Terry, my wife and caregiver, I would not be alive today."

 - Mark Meade, Heart Transplant Recipient


Caregivers Council

The Caregivers Council was established in January 2019, with the primary goal of providing better support to fellow members of their community. They meet quarterly to develop supportive materials, brainstorm ideas and plan educational programs where caregivers can come together, learn and get to know each other.

Special Message for Caregivers:

As fellow caregivers, we understand what you’re going through.
You are grateful and relieved that that your loved one received the necessary transplant.
But you may be feeling overwhelmed.
We send you strength and peace during this time of recovery.

You have a very special role as a primary caregiver. Please know you are not alone.

We caregiver volunteers are here to support you on your transplant journey. We invite you to call us with questions or just to chat.
You can reach us by calling (551) 574-3090 or by email at jhines@njsharingnetwork.org. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Warm Wishes,
The Caregivers Council

Caregiver Resources & Support

To learn more about this and other programs available for transplant recipient caregivers,
please contact Jan Hines at jhines@njsharingnetwork.org.