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Living Donation

Living donation is made possible by selfless individuals who offer an organ or part of an organ to someone in need of a life-saving transplant. Living donation can save the life of someone facing a long and uncertain wait. The most common type of living donation is kidney donation. Annually over 6,000 living kidney donations occur. At NJ Sharing Network, we are committed to building a community to raise awareness about the life-saving gift of transplantation. We invite you to get involved.

There are numerous ways to join us in our mission to save and enhance lives.

Join us and use your story and passion to inspire others. 

  • Attend an upcoming Advocacy Night to learn how the donation process works and become a certified volunteer. This is a great opportunity to meet other likeminded people passionate about donation.  

  • Tour the facility of NJ Sharing Network in New Providence, NJ to gain a deeper understanding of the entire donation and transplantation process. Contact Jan Hines to set up a date/time.

  • Join us at the 5K Celebration of Life where there will be a special Living Donor Tent – a place for living donors to gather, meet one another and share inspiring stories with others who may be interested in learning more about your experience.

  • Interested in participating in the Transplant Games of America? Click here to learn more!

If you are interested and would like to sign up or learn more about these and other programs available for living donors and their families, please contact us

Who Can be a Living Donor?

A living donor should be in good overall physical and mental health, must be 18 years of age or older and compatible with the intended transplant candidate.

When considering living donation, it is critical to gather as much information as possible and to be informed of all the known risks involved. The choice to be a living donor should be made without any pressure or guilt. To become a living donor, contact one of the following renal transplant centers located in New Jersey:

Hackensack University Medical Center

Virtua Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital

Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital

Saint Barnabas Medical Center

Kidney Exchange Programs

For patients who could not use their living donor because they were incompatible, there is the option of the living donor paired exchange program. In New Jersey, there are three options: the National Kidney Registry (NKR), the Alliance for Paired Donation (APD) and the UNOS Kidney Paired Donation Program (KPD).

What is Paired Donation, or Paired Exchange?

Paired donation or paired exchange involves two pairs of living kidney donors and transplant candidates who do not have matching blood types. The two candidates “trade” donors so that each candidate receives a kidney from a donor with a compatible blood type.

For more information, download the UNOS Brochure on Living Donation (PDF).

"Live From" Surgery Program - Living Kidney Donation

In the Interactive Theater at Liberty Science Center, you’ll have the extraordinary experience of observing, speaking with, and learning directly from partner physicians and hospitals during a living donor kidney transplant. Learn more!